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Time to take off


CAZI NFT is linked to street fashion and goods. After minting, the app will be released. You will engage through AR and avatars, discovering CAZI's latest brands and products.

Brand Street

CAZI App is a social commerce platform. Members will be able to hang out and communicate in 3D implemented unique street spaces.

Brand Fair

Partnered brands and artists will hold live fairs within the app. The fairs will be exclusive; providing various rewards, and sales in real-time.


CAZI NFT holders will regularly receive $CAZI as a “sailing experience” reward. You can also earn $CAZI inside the app through various activities and missions.

Treasure BOX

$CAZI can be exchanged for a Treasure BOX, with exclusive products and CAZI perks. You can also purchase physical products and limited editions with $CAZI.

CAZI Avatar

CAZI avatars can be digitally styled and engage in various social activities on the Brand Streets. Active users will be rewarded with $CAZI again, generating a sustainable cycle.

CAZI Mirror

CAZI gives you access to an entirely new world of commerce, both virtually and realistically. Through CAZI Mirror, you can experience products more closely and freely than ever before.



(Gps Based)